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Important Points about Mobile Phone | Important for Everyone

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Important Points about Mobile Phone | Friends, we often hear from news, social media or our fans that someone’s phone got torn up and he died, or we should not talk about a low battery phone or leave the phone on charging We do not know how many different things we hear. Through this article, we are going to tell you the importance of using your mobile phone which will be beneficial for you.

Important Points about Mobile Phone

What is the need to link to your mobile phones

1) Phone battery burst – what causes a mobile phone battery to explode
What happens to friends is a mobile phone that you buy in 5000, 10000, 20000 rupees, if it passes through many tests, then there is no such major reduction in that phone. And if the phone is going to explode then it is only in case you use things from a third party like using a local battery or charging with a local charger. But even if you are also using the accessories of a second party, there is no problem even as charging Samsung’s phone with Sony’s charger. If you do this then the phone will not have any problems.

However, the companies say that the phone has a battery that is powerful, which can get you some damage but it is in very rare cases, but we will say that it is equal to the reason that you think yourself as the millions of people using the mobile phone People are people with whom it happened, they are only a handful of people. If the company feels that there is a problem with his phone, then he withdraws that phone from all the customers and in return gives the right phone. Many companies have done this before. But if you see any problem in your phone, then contact the company’s service center immediately.

2) Phone should not be used on charging – we should not charge mobile phone while it charges
By charging the phone, using the phone does not necessarily mean a slight loss. Your battery is charging a lot after the delay because you are using it and the phone is also a bit heat. But they did not say that the phone can not use the battery by charging it.

3) The phone should not be kept in the pocket above – should you carry your upper pocket?
Many people believe that keeping the phone in a pocket is a risk of cancer or heart attack. The radio frequency from the phone damages our body cells. However, this fact has not been fully confirmed.

Important Points about Mobile Phone
However, the technical flaws related to the way technology is being upgraded are also coming up. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the people that you keep collecting information related to your device.

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