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This new feature of Google Maps will provide a parking location suggestion, while driving

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Google Maps will soon make users available for parking as well as navigation. Actually, the company is testing the parking feature for a long time in Google Maps. In such a situation, it can be rolled out to the users soon. If reports tell Google, Google will soon be launching features to provide automatic parking suggestions.

Learn Features Details:

According to Android Police Websites, Google Maps will now offer feature-sharing features for stops and parking location in the middle of your journey. It is being told that this feature will be quite fast. If you do not see the parking or stoppage notification, then you will have to wait for the second notification. Because this notification will disappear soon.

The most important thing is that at present the option to enable and disable this feature has not been given. Also, you do not even need to update your app for this. Google Maps will first inform you about parking conditions in the middle of your way. Also, this feature will be started in the first few cities.

Google Maps also places your parking location:

If you have forgotten by parking the car that you have parked, then this feature of Google Maps will be useful to you. With the help of this feature, users can find out where they parked their car. Let us know that users who use Android phones will see bluetooth dot on the map. This is an option for your parking. At the same time, iOS users can lock their car on the map by tapping on the set parking location.

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