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5G network will get 20GB per second speed internet, get answers to these four big questions

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Both telecom and smartphone makers have started preparations for 5G technology. The 5G network is being seen as the biggest technology of the times to come. According to reports, users can get internet speed at the rate of 20 GB per second on the 5G network. In such a situation, there are many questions in the minds of users with 5G technology. So today we are going to answer such four big questions.

5G network

What is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation of cellular networks. The first generation started in the 1990s. The second generation began with the 2G text messaging. After this, the third generation (3G) has the ability to browse the internet. At the same time, fourth generation (4G) included faster data speed, more stable network, video streaming and better calling.

(5G) is the latest version of cellular technology. It is being launched with improved data speed for better wireless network support. Due to the high bandwidth and advanced NTNA technology, you will get more stable and faster speeds than 5G on 4G.

When will 5G launch?

The 3G Patronship Project (3GPP) had officially announced the new Standard for 5G New Radio (NR) in December 2017. Since then, work on the 5G network is going on full scale. The company is paying a lot of attention on how to make it a reliable and affordable facility.

How fast will 5G?

Speaking of the 5G network speed, according to an estimate, users will get internet speed at speeds of 20 GB per second. At the same time, users will get 100 Mb per second speed per day. Users can get data speed at 10 GB per second on this network. However, in the initial phase, the speed of 5G networks will vary according to the places. That is, if you get a speed of 2 GB per second at one place, that speed can be 5 GB per second at second place. The speed of this change in speed will be the antenna. However, after 5G’s infrastructure becomes stronger, you will start getting a stable and fast speed.

Which countries are using 5G networks?

In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has claimed to be implementing 5G technology in succession by 2020. In the same, Asia and Europe are working fast with 5G networks. If Talks In which countries 5G technology has started in the present time, then it includes countries like South Korea, Sweden, Estonia, Turkey, Japan and China. However, in these countries, 5G networks are running very limited.



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